Last Submissions

Skin: Robot Skin

avatarcool2570  Newbie
18th Feb 2014 - my first robotic skin

Mod: Paint Mod

avatarSabrinajnd  Newbie
7th Feb 2014 - This mod lets you craft a paint gun that lets you paint any block any color in the entire Minecraft world! You can turn the grass purple or your wood home gold. If you like changing the look of your world this mod is for you!

Texture Pack: CrafteePack

avatarMCNinja  Newbie
10th Feb 2014 - The CrafteePack boasts more than blocky type minecraft design to come forward with much natural and smoother texture. The texture is not completely redesigned, lot of them is edited to picture it as natural environment, texture pack.

Creation: Village of the Valley Dragon

avatarbwoollcott17  Newbie
7th Apr 2014 - A beautiful village that is tucked into a small valley where grasslands meet the forest. The entire village is overlooked by a great Valley Dragon. Village includes, houses, bridges, gardens, town hall, Dragon, Iron Golems, and some ancient secrets hidden in the shadows...

Idea: Minecraft Creator

avatarThe_Doctors_Life  Newbie
25th Jan 2014 - Using an image or more the mod will create any item that is in a picture.


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